Kayak + Trekking

Kayak + Trekking

The Peuma Hue Eco-lodge is a paradise for those who love trekking and kayaking.

A wide variety of trails cross pristine forests, rocks, ravines, alluviums, hills and imposing waterfalls with wonderful views over Gutiérrez and Mascardi lakes and an old fold on the other side of the lake. Several trails lead to different waterfalls and viewpoints that can be linked in longer circuits.

This is one of the few places on Earth where the waters are so clean and pure that they can be drunk directly from the stream or waterfall without danger!

We will make a Trekking of 1.30 hours along a path that will take us to the MIRADOR DEL LAGO MASCARDI and the DIVISORIA DE AGUAS full of history. An impotent sight will leave us breathless.

We will rest at the top, and we will delight ourselves with a BOX LUNCH that the guide will carry ready in his backpack and prepared in the Estancia where meals are balanced, delicious and healthy, based on homemade products.

 The products used to create our culinary experience come from the organic garden and greenhouses and from our fruit trees, all located within the Estancia; as well as producers in the area, creating harmony between body and nature!

At the end of lunch we will descend to the Estancia Bay and after a short rest we will give way to specialists in kayaking in the National Park, who ensure professionalism, great knowledge of the area and first class international equipment.

After an instructive talk about the equipment and kayak management, the guide will lead the passengers in a safe and pleasant way.

You will explore the wonderful crystalline waters and virgin coasts of the Gutiérrez, and return paddling to Estancia. After having lived a day of intense contact with nature and high fun, we will move back to the city.

Difficulty level:

Low-medium - kayaking and Trekking at a relaxed pace, always close to the shores of the lake, and with all the necessary safety equipment.


We pick up in the hotels from 10 am, and bring them back to the hotel approx. at 5:00 p.m.

Please please check for scheduled dates


3 hours of trekking and 2 hours of kayaking, approximately (these hours are spread throughout the day).

Minimum number of passengers: 4

It includes:

  • Trekking and kayak guide / s for these excursions.
  • Box lunch
  • Equipment for water (kayaks for two people, vests, oars, mittens, jackets,

What to Bring

  • Synthetic sleeve-long t-shirt
  • Synthetic short sleeve t-shirt
  • Shorts, preferably quick drying
  • Stockings / Socks, 1 pair
  • Rain pants and waterproof jacket (when there are possibilities of rain)
  • Windbreaker (or use the same waterproof jacket)
  • Pants: 1 pair of lightweight pants, preferably quick drying
  • Sweater or polar coat
  • Change of clothes for after the excursion (you can leave it in the van)
  • Departures for private groups: please contact us for personalized programs and costs

Price per person, if you are more please send us an email with the date and number of people

PRICE:   $5 $  Book Now!

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