Kayak Patagonia Argentina

Experts in Kayak Patagonia Argentina, Pura Vida Patagonia, offers multiple options of combined trips, such as kayak + yoga In Peuma Hue Estancia.

Kayak Patagonia Argentina

To realize it, formal practices are not necessary, the place invites a connection with nature, with other people, animals of the place and the feeling of peace that invites to an unforgettable walk  .

The forests and mountains, the purity of the water and the beauty of landscapes, provides a powerful energy.

This natural Spa facilitates meditation to make the combined kayak + Yoga journey after enjoying an excellent class and relax.

There will be a break to enjoy a Box lunch, prepared at the estancia where you can enjoy balanced, delicious and healthy meals. All the products are homemade.

After lunch, the kayak specialists will give an instructive talk about the team and the kayak itself, this journey is considered to be of low-medium difficulty level at a relaxed pace.

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