Paddle Bariloche

In Pura Vida Patagonia we are experts in combined trips like Kayak + Stand up paddle Bariloche.

Paddle Bariloche

The estancia Peuma Hue is a privileged place to practice kayaking and stand up paddle Bariloche. This activity is carried out in the calm waters of the bay near the estancia and its coast.

Paddling across Lake Gutierrez, surrounded by huge coihues and waterfalls that flow into the lake conveys a wonderful sense of peace.

The Stand up Paddle Bariloche tour begins with a guide, through the bay of the lake. After touring it, a restful break is taken, delighting us with a box lunch prepared by the staff of the estancia.

After the break an instructive talk is offered through our specialized guides to go to the second activity, kayaking inside the National Park.

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